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Antiquing 101

Antiquing 101

One of the best past-times is antiquing, hands down. Whether it's a rainy day and you just need to get out of the house, or you're traveling and just want to pop into something different, antique stores offer something out of the ordinary. Below I will give some tips on how to antique well!

1. Don't go in to the shop in a hurry. 

Antique stores are packed with gems all over the place. You'll need to scour every inch of that place to see everything. Look under the furniture, look to see whats hanging from the ceiling. I even like to look inside furniture to see what the dealer has put inside! This is a process; it takes time. 

2. You found the perfect piece, but its outside your budget. 

Sometimes we just can't afford everything. And that's okay! If you have to have it, you can always politely ask the shop worker or dealer if they would consider a lower price. They don't always accept, but most vendors will do at minimum a 10% discount. 

When negotiating though, keep in mind the following:

- Do not offer an unreasonable offer. EVER! Rather than being fun and light-hearted, you'll more than likely piss off the dealer and they won't want to work with you. 

- If your offer is accepted, be prepared to complete the purchase. There's nothing more frustrating to a seller than to agree to a lower price, and then the buyer still walk away empty handed. 

3. If you like it, buy it!

Most people think that an item will still be there the next time they come in. WRONG! More than often, someone else is also thinking about that piece and will beat you to the punch. If you see it, love it, then that's your sign to buy it!



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