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We WON Best of 225!
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We WON Best of 225!

For the 3rd year in a row, Circa 1857 was crowned Best Antique Store in Baton Rouge in 225 Magazine this July! We're so honored to receive this title. Below is a little about what sets us apart from the pack...

At Circa 1857, we strive to make a new experience for each customer every time they visit. It is important to our business model that we re-arrange and redo our store's vignettes as often as possible. This means, moving furniture, re-hanging artwork, and shifting the layout of the store. It's a ton of work, and effort, but let me be honest: it's really fun! I love getting to make "mini-designs" all day long as it certainly keeps my day interesting and it keeps the store feeling fresh.

Aside from moving the merchandise around, we're also always trying to source new pieces. Getting out in the field and sourcing is integral to our success. While this is also a fun feature of my career, it can be one of the more stressful. There's nothing more frustrating than attending an auction, or going to an estate sale and leaving empty handed. Sometimes the cards just aren't in our shopping favor! On the flip side, sometimes they are! 

Sometimes, I can drive to an antique store and immediately know that it's a gold mine packed with amazing finds that I know I can share with our customers. Once we get our new merchandise, then we have to prepare it-- cleaning, waxing, oiling or polishing is a must for every piece that comes through our doors. Part of this in-take process is examining each piece for any flaws or defects that we can either repair or make note of prior to our customer purchasing. We believe that transparency is of utmost importance and we will never sell anything we wouldn't put in our own homes. 

Once the items are cleaned and prepped, it's time to start at the beginning again and mesh them into the store! 



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